Improving Governance Practices and Palestinian Higher Education Institutions

Improving Governance Practices and Palestinian Higher Education Institutions

Palestine Polytechnic University holds a seminar on the Improving Governance Project in Palestinian Universities

The PPU held a seminar on the project of improving governance practices in Palestinian universities, which is actually a joint project of five Palestinian universities and five European universities, as part of an EU-funded Erasmus project.

It was attended by the President of the University, his vice-presidents, the deans and some administrative directors and specialists from the administrative departments of the University. The project team gave a presentation on the project objectives, its various stages and the tools used to measure the various governance aspects such as autonomy, transparency, accountability, organizational management, planning and development. They also highlighted the importance of the results of governance self-assessment within the model prepared throughout the project to provide the strategic plan with indicators that support its development and formulation.

The University team pointed out that the University firmly established the principles of governance through the clarity of the organizational structure and the support of communication channels in a professional way between  the University administrative departments. Also, it worked on the development of laws, regulations and legislations that define the powers, rights and duties. That would activate the role of employees within a sound and functional system capable of dealing easily with the surrounding circumstances, and finally reaching to a clear administrative stage in making decisions that would achieve the University’s mission.

It is noteworthy that the University team consisted of: Dr. Amjad Barham, Mr. Fayez Al-Qawasmi, Mr. Mohammed Abu Sneineh, Dr. Maher Maghalseh, and  the coordinator of the project Eng. Yousef Salah.