Improving Governance Practices and Palestinian Higher Education Institutions

Improving Governance Practices and Palestinian Higher Education Institutions


Five European partners from Italy, Ireland, Portugal and Slovenia and five Palestinian partners are working together to support the modernization, accessibility and internalization of higher education institutions in Palestine.

UniGov is a project of international cooperation selected for co-financing under the Erasmus + Capacity Building program in Higher Education during the period 15 October 2016 - 14 October 2019.

The project will address weaknesses in the existing governance systems across HEIs in Palestine. By establishing a comparative study with European benchmark universities, UniGov aims to establish a common governance framework and promote the adoption of innovative practices to improve university governance in Palestine.


  1. Create an enabling environment to adopt a good governance system
  2. Establish an effective governance and management structures
  3. Stimulate autonomy and accountability
  4. Strengthen links with different stakeholders
ERASMUS+ a story of 30 years

2017 marks the 30th anniversary or the Erasmus programme!

Today, Erasmus+ offers opportunities across Europe and beyond to individuals and organisations in education, training, youth and sport. UniGov is celebrating this special year in 2017: 30 years of enriching lives and opening minds!

News and Events

Digital badge, university strategic plan and more in Evora for the beginning of September

On 3-6 September, the Palestinian universities and the EU partners from Cork University, Ljubljana University, Siena University and UNIMED gathered at the University of Evora in Portugal for the 4th management meeting of the project and the third and last study visit of the UniGov project.

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Study visit of the project UniGOV at the University of Cork, Ireland

On June 10-14, the study visit of the project uniGOV was organized at the University of Cork in Ireland. Several Palestinian universities, members of the project, attended the initiative. The UCC, represented by a group of experts, presented a variety of presentations on the principles and mechanisms of governance at the university in various fields trying to convey their experience and expertise to the Palestinian institutions.

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Field visit in Siena for implementing human resources management policies

In the framework of the project uniGOV, Improving Governance Practices at Palestinian Higher Education Institutions, the University of Siena, that is a partner of the project, has hosted a field visit on 16th ad 17th April 2019.

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ANNU, An-Najah National University
(Project coordinator)

BZU, Birzeit University, Palestine

AAUP, Arab American University, Palestine

PPU, Palestine Polytechnic University, Palestine

IUG, Islamic University of Gaza

UNISI, Università di Siena, Italy

UL, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

UCC, University College Cork, Ireland

UNIMED, Mediterranean Universities Union, Italy

UE, University of Èvora, Portugal