Improving Governance Practices and Palestinian Higher Education Institutions

Improving Governance Practices and Palestinian Higher Education Institutions

In Siena, HEIs from Palestine will learn how to self-evaluate their governance system

Following the Kick off meeting held in February, the UniGov Partners will gather at the University of Siena in Italy on 20-21 September to further analyse and discuss on how to improve the governance practices in the higher education institutions in Palestine. The University of Siena will explain how to use the diagnostic tool developed in the framework of the research activities phase of the project.

Briefly the aim of this tool is to support each Palestinian HEIs in realising a self-evaluation of their governance system. It has a strategical use because it could be easily adapted according to the priorities of each institution.

Governance is a very broad concept and can have different meanings especially when it is followed by adjectives such as good, multilevel, holding… It is also a very complex concept because it involves many distinct aspects even though they are strongly linked to each other. The tool includes these aspects and allows each HEIs to focus on its specific needs and priorities.

The meeting would be also an opportunity for the Palestinian HEI staff to meet the staff members at the University of Siena and to see how the HR department operations and process work, the management, the employee union, so they Italian staff from Siena University will also share some lessons and best practices for Palestinian partners.

To know more about the agenda of the two days meeting, you could download it here.